Core 1

Introduction to Core Concepts in Hospice Palliative Care


Core 1 is a 33 hour program that provides a basic introduction to hospice and palliative care for professionals, volunteers and caregivers. Participants will learn about, discuss and participate in modules which include: personal perspectives, communication skills, infection control and delegated acts, spirituality, grief and bereavement, pain and symptom management, family dynamics, culture and ethics, caregiver support and advanced care planning. The course is delivered in eleven 3-hour interactive modules, in a variety of formats. There may be other variations to the module schedule from time to time. The order of sessions may vary from series to series.


This course is being offered by zoom until the end of 2021 as we follow Covid- 19 restrictions protocol

Length of Course

Thursday, January 13th – Thursday, March 24th = 33 hours. (6pm – 9pm)

Volunteers/Caregivers $25 Professionals $50

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