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3 Day workshops: On Saturdays

3 Day workshops:

  • February 3, 4, and 11, 2023 - Zoom

  • June 2, 3, and 10, 2023 - In Person

  • October 13, 14, and 21, 2023 - In Person

1st Session: - Processing Individuals G&B

First session will be facilitated by a Bereavement Educator, we will be using break out rooms to work in smaller groups at times.

  • To develop a further understanding of the grieving process

  • To understand the common myths and grief

  • To understand the Signs and Symptoms of grief

  • To understand the Tasks of Grief

  • Practice strategies for working with Bereavement clients

  • Practice and Understand Mindful listening

  • Being comfortable in your own grief


2nd Session - Practical Approaches to Grief and Bereavement

An Art Therapist, Grief, and Bereavement Coordinator will facilitate this session.

We will be using some everyday art supplies for an experiential session, during the class.

We will also be working in smaller groups in breakout rooms.

  •  Case studies shared

  • Creating feelings of safety and security

  • Processing and coping with G&B

  • Explore personal narratives and identity in relation too loss

  • Provide an avenue to connect and externalise feelings and thoughts

  • Commemorating connection and memory of loved one

  • Develop an understanding and meaning of death and loss (age specific)

  • Enhancing connection to coping skills and self-care toolbox

  • Accepting the reality and permanence of loss

  • Invest in new relationships and experiences


3rd Session - Facilitator Training / Role playing

A Social Worker and Grief Educator will facilitate this session.

We will also be working in smaller groups in the break out rooms.

  • To learn how to support  individuals who are grieving.

  • Build confidence

  • Provide different scenarios to work through

  • Toolbox of resources to support your group/individual


Certificate on completion for all three sessions.

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