Workshops are offered through out the year on varied topics, for professionals, volunteers, and caregivers. Participants can delve deeper into topics like cultural humility, Alzheimer's and dementia, harm reduction, grief and bereavement to name but a few. Most session can run between an hour to 3 hours depending on topic. Our full schedule for the year will be up shortly.


Please note all workshops are via zoom as we continue to follow Covid protocols for 2022.


Volunteers/Caregivers $30 Professionals $60


Grieving During
the Holidays


Presented by

Rev. Vicki Cousins


Workshop intro - The Holiday Season is approaching and for many of us, rather than feeling festive, we may be feeling sad and lonely. Some people are grieving the loss of a beloved person, good health, a relationship, a dear pet, a job, hopes and dreams. It all feels very different for us now.  During the dark December days, many faiths and spiritualities celebrate the coming of the light. Nature inspires us with the winter solstice and the promise of daylight gradually increasing.


We invite you to share in a gathering that will include ritual, meditation, reflection, the image of trees, and hope.


Thursday, December 8th, 2022


10:00 am - 11:30 am